Osvaldo Rosario

Professor Adam

Phone: (787) 764-0000 ext. 7637
E-mail: rosario_o@msn.com
Fax: 787-763-6899

Ph.D., University of Puerto Rico, 1978. 
Postdoctoral experience, EPA, 1978-80.

Research interests
Analytical Chemistry: Development of Sampling and Analytical Methodology for Organic Pollutants.

  • Gaseous atmospheric pollutants
  • Organic pollutants in atmospheric particulate matter
  • Semivolatile pollutants in water
  • Analysis of sediments
  • Trace organic compounds in lipid tissues
  • Trace organic compounds in blood
  • Chemical characterization of flavors and fragrance in tropical flowers

We have concentrated our efforts in analytical method development. The primary focus has been on organic pollutants, because their large variety and diversity of properties have always been a challenge to analytical chemists. It is also the organic fraction which has shown greater biological activity and therefore presents a more significant effect on health. Gas chromatography / Mass Spectrometry has proven to be a powerful technique for the separation and characterization of complex mixtures of organic compounds, as is the case in environmental chemistry. Because of this, much of the analytical methodology being developed is centered on mass spectrometric characterization.

To improve the limits of detection, thermal desorption / GC / MS and solvent desorption / HPLC / MS approaches are being optimized. The increased levels of sample loading have led to 102 to 103 improvement in detection levels. Capillary electrphoresis, SFC and SFE are also being used in the method development. The methods being developed have been applied to a broad range of matrices and are being used to address a wide scope of analytical situations.

Selected publications

Diaz-Vazquez LM, Garcia O, Velazquez Z, Marrero I, Rosario Osvaldo,  Optimization of microwave-assisted extraction followed by solid phase micro extraction and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry detection for the assay of some semi volatile organic pollutants in sebum,  J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci., 825, 11-20 (2005).

Mayol, O.; Rosario, O.; Novakov, T.; Morales, R.; Torres, I.; Pérez, V., Chemical Characterization of Submicron Organic Aerosols in the Tropical Trade Winds in the Caribbean using Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, Atm. Env. (In press, 2001)

Kirchstetter, T., Novakov, T., Morales, R. Rosario, O., Differences in the volatility of organic aerosols in unpolluted tropical and polluted continental atmospheres, J. Geophipical Res. (In Press 2001).

Colón, I.; Caro, D.; Rosario, O., Analysis of Exogenous Compounds in the Serum of Young Puerto Rican Girls with Premature Thelarche, Environmental Health Perspective Vol. 108, Num. 8, Sept. 2000.

Reyes, D.R.; Rosario, O.; Rodríguez, J.F.; Jímenez, B.D., Toxic Evaluation of Organic Extracts from Airborne Particulate Matter in Puerto Rico Environ. Health and Perspective, Vol. 108, Num., 7, Jul. 2000.

Reyes, C.; Medina, M.; Rosario, O.; Arce, R.; Photochemistry of Pyrene on Unactivated and Activated Silica Surfaces, Journal Environmental Science & Technology, Feb 2000, V 34 N 3 P 415.