Materials Characterization Center

The Department of Chemistry houses and works closely with the INDUNIV (Industry/University Research Consortium) Materials Characterization Center, which includes four separate facilities:

  • an NMR Facility with a General Electric GE QE-300 instrument and a Bruker ADVANCE DPX-300 instrument with multilinear and variable temperature capability, and a Bruker ADVANCE DRX-500 instrument with multinuclear, variable temperature and solids (Cross Polarization-Magic Angle Spinning) capability;
  • a Mass Spectrometry Facility with a VVG-Fision Autospec High resolution MS system with GC/MS, DIP, FAB, LSIMS, EI and CI modes, a VG-Fisions Quattro MS/MS system with GC/MS, HPLC/MS, EI and CI modes, a Hewlett Packard 5995A with GC/MS (capillary and packed columns), DIP, Thermal Desorption Sample Introduction, and a Hewlett Packard MSD GC/MS system;
  • a Surface Microscopy and Spectroscopy Facility with a Physical Electronics PHI 660 Scanning Auger Microprobe for SAM analysis, a Physical Electronics PHI 5600ci X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer for multitechnique surface analysis including Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis (ESCA), Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) analysis and Ion Scattering Spectroscopy, a Nicolet 750 FT-IR Microscope, a 5800LV Scanning Electron Microscope (Low Vacuum) for SEM/EDAX analysis, and a Digital Instruments Nanoscope IIIA Scanning Tunneling Microscope for STM/AFM analysis;
  • an X-ray Diffraction Facility with a Siemens D5000 X-ray Powder diffractometer with a reflectometry option and a Platform-Hi Star X-ray diffraction system with an area detector for thin films diffractometry.

For additonal information, please contact Dr. Roberto Ramirez at (787) 764-0000 ext. 7807.