Ingrid Montes

Ingrid MontesProfessor


Phone: (787) 764-0000, ext 3004
Fax: (787) 764-1588
Department of Chemistry
University of Puerto Rico at Río Piedras
PO Box 23346
San Juan, PR 00931-3346


Ph.D., 1985, University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras Campus
Thesis advisor: Gerald Larson
B.S., 1980, University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras Campus



  • Director-at-Large-American Chemical Society (2013-2015)
  • Honorary Member, Golden Key International Honour Society, 2013
  • American Chemical Society Volunteer Service Award, 2012
  • American Chemical Society Fellow, 2010
  • IUPAC Fellow, 2006
  • Leonardo Igaravidez Award, American Chemical Society, Puerto Rico Section, 2006
  • Chemical Education Award, American Chemical Society, Puerto Rico Section, 1999

Research Interests

Organometallic chemistry, ferrocene derivatives, green chemistry, chemical education

Research focus

Organometallic chemistry: Ferrocene has attracted the attention of scientists because of its numerous uses in chemical sensing, asymmetric catalysis, and in material science. Its derivatives have many applications, which include optical devices, redox mediators for enzyme sensors, biofuel cells, and the synthesis of biological active drugs. Our research explores the synthesis and characterization of various ferrocene derivatives, mainly based on ferrocenyl chalcones core, and to study their potential applications including molecular materials, as redox-sensors, polymers and in drug design.

Chemical education: Our research work is based upon the theoretical perspective building on constructivist and meaningful learning theory. In this respect, the construction of knowledge will therefore depend on the interaction of personal experiences with private understandings. As educators, we must be aware of student understandings and provide the adequate environment and opportunities for students to more easily create and retrieve appropriate conceptions. Our research includes three intertwined branches: the instruction (transmission of attitudes, skills and habits of inquiry to students), the practice (development of the tools and methods used to teach chemistry) and the assessment.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

Myrna R. Otaño Vega, Kennett I. Rivero and Ingrid Montes González
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Non-Refereed Publications
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