Fellowships and Assistantships

Research at the department is supported by funds from the university, the United States federal government and industrial grants. Both teaching and research assistantships are available from these sources. Support for students from Latin America may be obtained from foundations and from the OAS (what's this?). Stipends of $700 (M.Sc.) and $850 to $1250 (Ph.D.) per month plus remission of tuition and fees are available. The student must submit with the assistantship application:

  • three official transcripts with degree
  • medical examination form properly completed
  • affidavit certifying that the applicant does not have contributing debts with the government of Puerto Rico
  • social security number (non-resident students must obtain their social security number of the corresponding government agency as soon as the applicant arrives to Puerto Rico)

All graduate students will be required to teach at least two academic semesters regardless of the type of assistantship (teaching/research) they receive. This also includes students who receive any kind of scholarship. Teaching or research assistantships are available only for the program students who realize full time academic work. This infers that the student must not have any other job. Teaching or research assistants realize a combination of teaching and research work in the following limits:

  • a research assistantship (without teaching) requires a minimum of twenty (20) hours per week of research work during each semester and full time work (37.5 hours per week) during the summer
  • a teaching assistantship requires eighteen (18) hours per week of docent work (including preparation) for two (2) semesters -- teaching assistantships are limited during the summer

Fellowships can be obtained from various sources. These include stipends, remission of tuition and fees, and in some cases money for research travel and materials. The following is a list of fellowship sources available at the University of Puerto Rico. For more information about these fellowships, visit their websites or call the EPSCoR office at (787) 764-000 ext. 5807.