Eduardo Nicolau

Assistant Professor

Office: Molecular  Sciences Research Building
Phone: (787) 523-5310


­­­­­­­­2012 - Ph. D. Analytical Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus, Puerto Rico, USA
2005 - BS Chemistry and Environmental Sciences, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus, Puerto Rico, USA

2012-2013 NASA Ames Research Center, California in collaboration with the NASA URC Center for Advanced Nanoscale Materials, Puerto Rico
Supervisor: Eng. Michael Flynn/Dr. Carlos R. Cabrera

Research interests

My research interests are mainly geared towards the analytical applications of bio-interfaced nanomaterials for catalysis, water purification and applied nanotechnology.

Projects include:

  • Preparation of interfaced bionanomaterials for reactive water purification membranes
  • Development of point-of-use sensors for the detection of emerging contaminants in water
  • Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials for electrooxidation of high-density fuels.

Undergraduate and Graduate students interested in my research work may send communication to provided contact information.

Selected publications

  1. E. Nicolau, I. Gonzalez-Gonzalez, K. Griebenow and C.R. Cabrera “Bioelectrochemical degradation of urea at platinized boron-doped diamond electrodes for bioregenerative systems”. Advances in Space Research. 2009, 44, 965-970.
  2. E. Nicolau, J.A. Rodriguez-Martinez, J. Fonseca, J. Richardson, M. Flynn, K. Griebenow and C.R. Cabrera “Bioelectrochemical Oxidation of Urea with Urease and Platinized Boron Doped Diamond Electrodes for Water Recycling in Space Applications”. ECS Transactions. 2010, 33, (1), 1853-1859
  3. I. Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Y. Hernandez, E. Nicolau and C.R. Cabrera “Ammonia Oxidation Enhancement at Square-Wave Treated Platinum Particle Modified Boron-Doped Diamond Electrodes” ECS Transactions. 2010, 33, (1), 201-209
  4. E. Nicolau, J. Mendez, K. Griebenow and C.R. Cabrera “Bioelectrochemistry of non-covalent immobilized alcohol dehydrogenase on oxidized diamond nanoparticles” Bioelectrochemistry. 2012, 85, 1-6
  5. E. Nicolau, C.M. Poventud, J. Fonseca, L. Arroyo, M. Flynn, and C.R. Cabrera “Microgravity effects on the electrochemical oxidation of ammonia: A parabolic flight experiment” Electrochim. Acta 2012, 75, 88-93
  6. E. Nicolau, J. Fonseca, C. Vu, J. Richardson, M. Flynn, and C.R. Cabrera “Evaluation of granulated activated carbons and carbon molecular sieves for removal of urea in urine: A water reclamation approach”. International Conference in Enironmental Systems 2012, AIAA 2012-3627
  7. E. You, R. Guzman-Blas, E. Nicolau, M.A. Scibioh, J. Watkins and C.R. Cabrera, “Co-Deposition of Pt and Ceria Anode Catalyst in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Applications” Electrochimica Acta 2012, 75, 191-200
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Externally Interfaced Urea Electrochemical Bioreactor at Forward Osmosis/Reverse Osmosis Subsystem for Energy and Waste Recovery in Water Recycling. 2012, Provisional Patent Application Number: 61/529,633.