Ana R. Guadalupe Quiñones


Phone : (787) 764-0000 ext. 7822


Postdoctoral, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1988)
Ph.D. in Analytical-Electrochemistry, Cornell University (1987)
M.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus (1984)
B.Sc. in Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico, Rí­o Piedras Campus (1979)

Research interests

Analytical Chemistry-Electrochemistry: Chemical Sensors and Biosensors; Uses of Immobilized Enzymes; Polymer.

Research focus

Current research in materials science focuses in the development of new materials, the combination of materials with known physical and chemical properties to create materials with new properties, new processing methods to form nanostructured films and their applications in catalysis, sensing devices and electronics, among others. Our research explores the synthesis of new electrocatalysts, the development of novel ways to imprint nanostructures on surfaces, and the application of these surfaces in electrocatalysis, sensor arrays and smart devices.

New Electrocatalysts

This project is mainly concerned with the synthesis of electroactive, homoleptic and heteroleptic, transition metal complexes. Tailoring the coordination sphere of metal complexes with the judicious selection of ligands allows the incorporation of multiple functionalities into simple molecules. In turn, these molecules can be jointed simultaneously to surfaces, polymers or other entities -as desired- creating multidimensional and multifunctional surfaces and assemblies. Our intention is to use the electroactive properties of these molecules to mediate the reduction or oxidation of biomolecules and cofactors.

Sensors and Devices

The high specificity of enzymes and nucleic acids coupled to electroactive properties of transition metal complexes acting as mediators and reporters is the approach taken by our team for the development of biosensors. These biosensors could be used for the detection of pathogens and analytes of interest in clinical, environmental and food analysis.

Uses of Enzymes

Enzymes have been used for many years in bioreactors because their high specificity and potential recovery. Nonetheless, the use of enzyme as catalysts for the polymerization of organic monomers is a relatively new and unexplored field. Our interest is to study the use of redox enzymes for the polymerization of vinyl monomers to produce homopolymers and block copolymers under mild experimental conditions. Advances in this research area have the potential to reduce the consumption of toxic chemicals leading to a green chemistry approach for the synthesis of organic polymers.

Selected Recent Publications

  1. Zhiqin, J.; Songping, H.; Guadalupe, A.R. * Synthesis, X-ray Structures, Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Properties of Ruthenium (II) Complex Containing 2,2'- Bipyrimidine, Inorganica Chimica Acta, 305, 127-134, 2000.
  2. Rosario-Canales, M.; Resto, O.; Fonseca, L.; Guadalupe, A.R. Physicochemical Characterization of Porous Silicon Surfaces Etched in Salt Solutions of Varying Compositions and pH, Mater. Res. Soc. Proc., 762, 2003.
  3. Muñoz, L. and Guadalupe, A.R. Morphological Studies of Oligonucleotide Probes Covalently Immobilized at Polystyrene Modified Surfaces, J. of Biotechnology, 118, 233-245, 2005.
  4. Santiago, M.; Vélez, M.; Borrero, S.; Díaz, A.; Hofmann, C.; Guadalupe, A. R.; Colón, J. Amperometric Ethanol Biosensor Based on Bis((1,10-phenanthroline-5,6-dione)2,2’-bipyridine)ruthenium(II)-exchanged Zirconium Phosphate Modified Carbon Paste Electrodes, Electroanalysis, 18(6), 559-572, 2006.
  5. Díaz, M.; Rosado, A.; del Pilar, J; Vega, E.; Guadalupe, A.R. Design, Construction and Analytical Characterization of a DNA Sensor for the Detection of Salmonella, Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering, 98, 448-449, 2008.
  6. Santiago, M. B.; Daniel, G.A.; David, A.; Guadalupe, A.R.*; Colón, J. L. Effect of Enzyme and Cofactor Immobilization on the Response of Ethanol Amperometric Biosensors Modified with Layered Zirconium Phosphate, Electroanalysis, 22(10), 1097-1105, 2010.
  7. Cardona, R.A.; Hernández, K.; Pedró, L.E.; Otaño, M.; Montes, I.*, Guadalupe, A. R.* Electrochemical and Spectroscopical Characterization Of Ferrocenyl Chalcones, J. of the Electrochemical Society, 157(8), F104-110, 2010.
  8. Díaz Serrano, M.; Rosado, Arelys, R.; Del Pilar, J.; Arias, M.; Guadalupe, A.R. A Polymer-Based Electrochemical DNA Biosensor for Salmonella: Preparation, Characterization and Calibration, Electroanalysis, 2011, 23(8), 1830-1841.
  9. Enríquez,Y.; Negrón, Y.; Navarreto, M.; Guadalupe, A.R.  Development of an Electrochemical Biosensor for the Detection of an ADP-ribosylating Toxin, exo A from Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 421 (2013) 012021.
  10. Díaz-Serrano, M.; Rosado, A.; Santana, D.; Vega, E.Z.; Guadalupe, A.R.  Synthesis, Characterization and Use of Ru-Fc Intercalation Complex as an Electrochemical Label for the Detection of Pathogen-DNA, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 421 (2013) 012008.