Academic Counseling in the Undergraduate Program

The Department of Chemistry of the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus offers academic counseling  services to its undergraduate students through the expert advice of Dr. Carlos Torres and Dr. Noel Motta.  Dr. Carlos Torres  advises students who have approved 0-89 credits, while Dr. Noel Motta advises those who have approved 90 or more credits (typically 4th year students). Before you meet with either Dr. Carlos Torres or Dr. Noel Motta, we strongly recommend that you fill out the Formulary for Academic Advising. This will help your academic advisor provide you with the best guidance. To make an appointment with Dr. Noel Motta follow the instructions in the following link; To make an appointment with Dr. Carlos Torres, please, write him an email. Specific instructions are detailed in the PDF file below

Chemistry Majors Academic Counseling