Pasquale F. Fulvio


Assistant Professor

Office: FB 132
Phone: (787) 764-0000 Ext. 3501


2009 - PhD Degree: Chemistry Department, Kent State University, Kent-OH, USA. Advisor: Prof. Mietek Jaroniec

2009-2013 – Post-Doctoral Research: Chemical Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge-TN, USA. Mentor: Dr. Sheng Dai

2008-2009 – Pre-Doctoral Internship: Saint-Gobain NorPro, Stow-OH

Research interests

The research interests include the preparation and characterization of nanomaterials and composites for energy storage and conversion, for heterogeneous catalysis, and for separations. Materials syntheses include:

  • Self-assembly of building blocks into hierarchical porous frameworks with tailored pore widths, geometries, active surface sites, and electronic properties
  • Surface modification of nanomaterials using biocompatible surface groups
  • Processing of biomass precursors for carbons with controlled morphology
  • Design of novel organic precursors for carbon nanomaterials

Selected publications

Carbon materials for chemical capacitive energy storage, Y Zhai, Y Dou, D Zhao, PF Fulvio, RT Mayes, S Dai, Advanced Materials 23 (42), 4828-4850

Low-temperature fluorination of soft-templated mesoporous carbons for a high-power lithium/carbon fluoride battery, Pasquale F Fulvio, Suree S Brown, Jamie Adcock, Richard T Mayes, Bingkun Guo, Xiao-Guang Sun, Shannon M Mahurin, Gabriel M Veith, Sheng Dai, Chemistry of Materials 23 (20), 4420-4427

“Brick‐and‐Mortar” Self‐Assembly Approach to Graphitic Mesoporous Carbon Nanocomposites, Pasquale F Fulvio, Richard T Mayes, Xiqing Wang, Shannon M Mahurin, John C Bauer, Volker Presser, John McDonough, Yury Gogotsi, Sheng Dai, Advanced Functional Materials 21 (12), 2208-2215

A new family of fluidic precursors for the self-templated synthesis of hierarchical nanoporous carbons, PF Fulvio, PC Hillesheim, Y Oyola, SM Mahurin, GM Veith, S Dai, Chemical Communications 49 (66), 7289-7291

“One-pot” synthesis of phosphorylated mesoporous carbon heterogeneous catalysts with tailored surface acidity, PF Fulvio, RT Mayes, JC Bauer, X Wang, SM Mahurin, GM Veith, S Dai, Catalysis Today 186 (1), 12-19

Synthesis of mesoporous alumina from boehmite in the presence of triblock copolymer, PF Fulvio, RI Brosey, M Jaroniec, ACS applied materials & interfaces 2 (2), 588-593

Ordered mesoporous alumina-supported metal oxides, SM Morris, PF Fulvio, M Jaroniec, Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (45), 15210-15216

Tailoring properties of SBA-15 materials by controlling conditions of hydrothermal synthesis, PF Fulvio, S Pikus, M Jaroniec, Journal of Materials Chemistry 15 (47), 5049-5053

Book Chapter

Pasquale F. Fulvio, Joanna Gorka, Richard M. Mayes and Sheng Dai, Chapter 12 - Templated and Ordered Mesoporous Carbons, 331-353, Carbon Nanomaterials 2nd Edition, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, ISBN 978-1-4398-9781-2, Editors Volker Presser and Yury Gogotsi.


Sheng Dai, Pasquale F. Fulvio, Richard Mayes, Xiqing Wang, Xiao-Guang Sun and Bingkun Guo, "Mesoporous Carbon Materials" (Publication number US20130183511 A1; type - Application; application number - US 13/349,162; publication date Jul 18, 2013; filing date Jan 12, 2012; priority date Jan 12, 2012)

Ivan Vlassiouk, Panos G. Datskos, William H. Peter, Adrian S. Sabau, Sheng Dai, Pasquale Fulvio, Ilia N. Ivanov, Nickolay V. Lavrik, High Quality Large Scale Single and Multilayer Graphene Production by Chemical Vapor Deposition (Publication number US20130174968 A1; type - Application; application number - US 13/734,823; publication date Jul 11, 2013; filing date Jan 4, 2013; priority date Jan 6, 2012)